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Guilin Institute of Information Technology

Guilin Institute of Information Technology

I.Hi, I’m GIIT

Guilin Institute of Information Technology (GIIT) is located in the South of China. The campus is surrounded by limestone mountains and rivers.

The whole ethos of GIIT involves academic excellence, professional teaching and resource management. Being a teaching, research and community-oriented comprehensive institution, GIIT enjoys a remarkable reputation around China for its information technology education, and it is also continuing to develop and excel across other academic areas including management, economics, liberal arts, science, etc.

The current number of students in GIIT stands at about 13,000. GIIT accepts full-time course enrollments from both domestic and international students. Besides degree programs, GIIT also offers immersive Chinese language programs, as well as programs for visiting students designed by students and teachers together. Classes are medium-sized and taught by enthusiastic, bilingual and professional teachers.


1.Real World Experience

Internship is part of GIIT’s curriculum and it is open to all international students in the fourth year. Hundreds of internship positions will be waiting for you to apply in enterprises and companies around China.

2.Immersive Chinese Learning Environment

We want every international student to make good use of each day during your stay in GIIT. Our professional teaching staff and student assistants are always ready and willing to help you improve your Chinese proficiency and offer you advice on your life in China.

3.Students-oriented Activities

Beside regular activitiessuch as sports competition, festival celebration, language camp, enterprise tour, the Instituteorganizes studyand culturetours to different places in China so the students can understand the local cultures and customs better.

4.Enchanting City

Guilin is a world famous tourist destination with a history of more than 2000 years. The city is famous for its karst landscape that formed hundreds of millions of years ago and now is a World Natural Heritage. It is characterized by green mountains, clear waters, caves, etc.

5.Convenient Transportation

High speed railways connects Guilin with major cities around China such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc., within 3 to 10 hours. Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is a primary airport serving the South of China.

6.Contact Us

Add: No. 3 Dongyang Road, Huajiang Higher Education Mega Center, Guilin City 541004, Guangxi, P.R. China

Website: http://www.guit.edu.cn

Tel: +86-773-2290551/2290519 Fax: +86-773-2290570

E-mail: guitadmission@163.com